• Medslock is a joint collaboration between

    Avantas Technology Accelerator and Maxonrow

  • Monitoring, Control & Communication Ecosystem

    MedsLOCK provides real-time COVID-19 insights with integrity & intelligence for decision makers

  • MedsLOCK protects the data, documents, PII and other critical information

    during COVID-19 response operations from external or internal malicious cyber actors

  • MedsLOCK empowers the government authorities to implement Smart Lockdown Strategy

    by aiding with needed data insights & system for ensuring quicker revival of ailing economy

  • In the midst of misinformation and waves of false theories

    MedsLOCK flattens the confusion curve with use of blockchain & AI technologies.

  • MedsLOCK enables tracking and visibility for unparalleled collaboration

    in critical supply chain & relief operations during Pandemic management

MedsLOCK Overview

Blockchain as a technology can contribute in all 3 areas of preparing, responding & recovering from epidemic situations. Given the current level of mistrust and confusion around various data sources, it is crucial to have a single source of reliable information as the whole world is fighting against this outbreak.

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MedsLOCK Integration with Existing System

MedsLOCK powered by Maxonrow blockchain and systems, can be integrated to any existing systems authorities are using for COVID-19 control.

MedsLOCK Integration with Existing System

MedsLOCK Technology Features

Built from the ground up with completely open source and stable technology stack.

Low cost for infrastructure & hieratically scalable. Hardware resources can be added as the data grows.

Based on 2FA token based access for various authorized roles.

Application access list is implemented for Data Entry, Review and Approve through CORS in-application policy further enhancing application security.

Based on micro services architecture the application is extremely resilient and would continue working if one area is upgraded, breakdown or is under maintenance.

MedsLOCK Core Team

H.E Sheikh Khaled Bin Zayed Al Nahyan
MedsLOCK Chairman
Sheikh Ahmed Bin Khaled Al Nahyan
MedsLOCK Vise Chairman
Vice Chairman
Sebastian Diaconu
MedsLOCK Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Muhammad Salman Anjum
MedsLOCK Managing Director
Managing Director
Carlo Chung
MedsLOCK Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Jorge Sebastiao
MedsLOCK Global Advisor
Global Advisor

MedsLOCK Intro

MedsLOCK 1.0 by #AvantasTech and Maxonrow is a Monitoring, Control & Communication Ecosystem to provide real-time COVID-19 insights to government agencies, health officials, and other important stakeholders in responding to pandemic.

MedsLOCK 1.0 is powered with Blockchain & AI. With data being the key to make informed decisions during the COVID-19 outbreak, the core objective of MedsLOCK is to make COVID-19 data collection & exchange between stakeholders automated, transparent and trusted interacting in the real-time with distributed ledger technology.